Brechin Books specialises in promoting an understanding of movement study and in particular Movement Pattern Analysis as originally developed by Rudolf Laban and Warren Lamb.

Movement Pattern Analysis is based on the theory put forward by choreographer Rudolf Laban and later developed by Warren Lamb, that we each have an individual movement pattern, as specific to us as our DNA, and by identifying this it is possible to predict how we will behave in any long term situation.  It is a method of analysis which has been successfully used in industry and in therapy for more than half a century.

We learn to move before we learn to speak, and before we can understand words we learn to distinguish friend from foe by their physical behaviour.  In the formative years of growing up these skills become purely intuitive, unconsciously colouring our view of the people we meet.  Through Movement Pattern Analysis the ability to read nonverbal behaviour is revived and gives us a deeper and more rounded understanding of both ourselves and of the people we encounter either personally or professionally.

Movement Pattern Analysis has been used largely in industry and with senior management, specifically for team building because of its strenths in predicting how people will interact.  But it also has applications in performance training and in psychotherapy.

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“If our understanding of the language of physical behaviour was as advanced as our knowledge of the spoken word we might all rub along rather better”

Eden Davies

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